Friday, 14 October 2011

Avoid Modelling Scams

The Team at Candi Models have been put together to help you get started with your modelling career - our Candi Models new faces team review your application and if you are successful we will call you and explain how the day works at the studio. We work from the same London based studio and we do not travel round the country setting up shoots from hotels.

How to avoid modelling scams

Modeling scams are usually advertised in newspapers as photo-shoots for wanabee models/actors, taking place in hotels or pubs. A Genuine modelling agency generally don’t  advertise for new models in newspapers, or conduct photo-shoots in hotels and pubs. The genuine agencies take their cut from the fee the model gets from the client.

Register with Candi Models and let us help get you on the right path to starting your modelling career. Get started in modelling the right way.

Not everyone is suitable for modelling!

The wording advertising these modelling scams usually states that 'anyone is suitable', encouraging people to go along in the hope of becoming a model in reality there is a lot hard work and commitment involved to produce success, which of course is obvious to most sensible people. Their contract also states that should the prospect not hear from two agencies within a year, their money will be refunded in full. Lo and behold, two 'agencies' do get in touch, but with further requests for money to enable prospects to be included on the 'agency's' website, a website where no-one will find you! Sometimes the address of the follow-up 'agency' is at the same address as the company advertising the photo-shoot! How convenient and cosy for both parties in these modelling scams to be located in the same building! If it's from a different address, it could be because these modelling scams rogues share their prospect lists and take turns to follow people up. You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours.

In For The Kill
Registration with the 'agent' is usually around £180 and credit/debit card machines are prominently displayed, intimating legitimacy and a business-like attitude. If you pay via debit card, you have no redress from your card company; if you pay via cheque at least you can cancel the cheque, despite their promise of retribution! The modelling scammers will not want to run the risk of court action, for fear of exposing their lies, so I shouldn't worry too much on that score.

Legitimate modelling agencies do NOT advertise hotel photo shoots in newspapers. They have enough wanabee models/actors contacting them to ensure a steady stream of new talent, without the need to advertise.

If you register with Candi Models our new faces team review your application and if you are successful we then contact you to arrange an appointment and explain everything involved with the session, costs, requirements and any other information you’d like to know before you get involved.

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