Tuesday, 13 March 2012

In Search of Model's Search

Today we would like to talk some more about Model's Searches by various companies, brands and even agencies.
It is not something they do on daily basis but it is worth checking whether there any open casting calls. It means that you should have your eyes open all the time and check their websites from time to time in order to find out when they are looking for new faces and apply.
In order to apply you need to have some photos prepared.  
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Some companies are looking for models to be involved only for some specific campaigns but there are also agencies/brands which are looking for models to sign a contract with them for a longer period. Either of this cases is a big chance for you to get into the industry. It's also good to be up-to-date with new faces search by modelling agencies, as even if you can always apply to join one, sometimes they are in urgent need of new faces and they inform about a model's search so it might be more likely they will choose you. To give you a heads up, we've listed few model's searches you might be interested in..

Remember that it's all up to you whether you will become a model or not. It is a hard work but once you get into, it is worth it. You need to make the first step, have your pictures done and apply to various kinds of modelling jobs. Sure it is hard at the beginning but We're sure you can manage all that!


  1. these link are really useful, thanks :)

  2. Useful information as always.

  3. these tips are so helpful, i've just applied for the agency in scotland! wish me luck guys!


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