Friday, 16 March 2012

Model's Earning Potential

Being a model itself is a pretty good thing but let's not forget about the financial perspective. At the beginning it may be hard and you might not get a lot of money but once you're more experienced the money will come.

Working with an agency

Fees can range from 50 to several hundred pounds per day.
Earnings depend on the type of work, your experience, how many agents you register with and also your own initiative and persistence.
 The best pay is for taking part in TV commercials. 
Adults can expect around 250 BSF plus repeats. 
Television work is paid at a much lower daily rate but there are extras such as a programme fee, repeat fees and payment for standby days (days when you are not working during the overall shoot days). 
Films are sometimes paid on a daily or weekly rate or an overall fee is negotiated.
You should agree the fee with the agency before you accept an assignment. After the assignment, the agency collects the fee from the client and keeps it in the client account. The agency get's usually 10-20% commission, sometimes even more.

You can also get paid extra bonuses for working in difficult situations and conditions.
For lingerie modeling the agents can negotiate a higher fee to give them a 25 to 30 percent commission. The modeling jobs they get you with ad agencies and fashion shows will earn 15 to 20 percent, while film and TV work will allow them to take 10 percent. 

You don't like the fact that agency is charging 20% commission? Have a look at Freelance modelling!

Child modelling earning potential

A chaperone fee

A chaperone fee is agreed before an assignment and paid, in addition to the booking fee, for one parent or guardian to accompany a child/teenager on an assignment.
A chaperone fee helps with your costs for being on hand during the assignment. The amount paid depends on the value of the assignment, location, time and travel costs.
You must discuss and agree any chaperone fees before the assignment is confirmed. You cannot negotiate them retrospectively, after the assignment.

Fees paid for child performers vary hugely but are usually half the adult rate plus a chaperone fee for the parent. Performers over school leaving age are paid at the adult rate as they do not require licensing or chaperones. Commercials are one of the best paid jobs, with a child’s basic studio fee of around 180 plus a buyout in lieu of repeats (sometimes as much as 500%). 

As you see the hard work at the beginning can easily pay off in the future as the rates for modelling jobs are quite promising!

Why don't you make the first step!




  1. whats a buy out?

  2. A model's earning potential depends on aspects ranging from marketing, modelling type and the agency pay policy.

    As a prospect model, your most likely to boost your earnings if your portfolio has a variation of images showing both location and on-set photography.

  3. 20 % seems quite high, i'm gonna try freelance, thanks for the advice :)

  4. I didn't know about this Chaperone Fee for me when I come over with my child. Good to know! Thanks!


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