Monday, 5 March 2012

Types Of Modelling: Character Modelling

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and not every model has to be super-tall and super-thin.
If you think you might not be a runway model material you might try to get into character modelling.
Character models are used in all forms of media including advertising, commercials, promotions, and as TV and film extras.

Unlike fashion models, characters are not restricted by height, weight, body shape and age. What is quintessentially important about characters, whether they are ‘plain’ or ‘eccentric’ looking is that they have a gregarious personality; excellent people skills and are the right face for the job.

Character modelling is about something else all together and the clue is in it’s name. What you need is character and plenty of it. We can advise on your look and help you to find your character. For example, you might be anything from an ‘every day type’ or an unusual or extreme look. There is work in this industry for a wide variety of ‘looks'.

As a character model you can portray ordinary people or humorous types, you might have an interesting face of an unusual body. No matter what you look like, it is only important that you communicate well with the camera. Whether you are plain or eccentric looking, the only ‘must’ is that you have a gregarious personality; excellent people skills and are the right face for the job.

As with all forms of modelling, the key is to work hard and to be persistent but realistic. 

Here are some agencies for character modelling:

Reality Check


  1. wow amazing advice as always candi - thank you : )

  2. oooo I might look into this... I always thought I was not tall enough to do modeling, but now I might try this route :)

  3. lol this looks fun! those models at Ugly are well ugly!! lol

  4. Character modelling is essentially commercial modelling...In most cases its really highly paid and at times it requires the ability to act or improvise. For any aspiring models, this is a great choice of modelling since it allows you to fully explore your personality and gives you opportunities to cross into other careers such as acting or music.

  5. i always thought my appearance was unique! this has given me extra confidence :)


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