Sunday, 13 November 2011

Advice from Candi Models – Child / Teenage Modelling

When applying to child modelling agencies they will require an up-to-date, clear, photograph of your child. Candi models can provide the photographs for your child’s portfolio ready to send on to the agency of your choice. We can offer advice and a critique of your child’s performance in front of the camera and advise on the best photos to use and in what order to do so.

Many parents take their children to a photographic studio and spend a lot of money having photographs taken without finding out what an agency needs from a photographic session and often the money spent is wasted. This is especially true of teenage modelling, mainly teenage girls who often have beautiful photographs taken which unfortunately make them look far older than they are. If you are applying to a child modelling agency, they will need your child to look their age or younger, not older. Avoid having photographs taken of your child in frilly dresses and/or uncomfortable clothing. Avoid fussy accessories like bow ties or bows in hair. Do not have your child’s photograph taken against a cluttered background, stood in buckets or sat in baskets. Do not dress them up in costumes! By all means we can do this for you if you wish for the family album or to give to friends and family, however our number one goal is to get your child prepared with the best portfolio and the best chance for getting that all important call back.

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