Friday, 25 November 2011

Modelling Tips For Fresh Models

We thought it might be actually useful to post some general rules when it comes to posing for photographic session. You may have known some of them but have a look just to be sure.


  • Don't hold your breath for a pose. The concentration usually shows in the picture.


  • Hold in your stomach to give a more toned appearance to the abdomen (even if you are in great shape).


  • Don't keep both arms entirely straight unless directed to do so for a specific pose. Bend one or both arms, even if only a little, to make the pose look less artificial. The same rule applies to the legs, don't keep both legs entirely straight.


  • Rest most of your weight on one foot or the other instead of evenly on both feet. Doing so makes poses look less artificial and gives a slight slimming effect in most positions.


  • When sitting or reclining, roll one hip up slightly from the resting surface so that most of your weight is on the back of one thigh or the other instead of evenly on both thighs. This gives a slight slimming effect and makes the pose look less artificial.


  • Don't always look straight at the camera. Instead, use a variety of head and eye positions: Try turning your head, tilting your neck to one side or the other, or looking off to the side for some poses.


  • Don't use a big smile for every pose. Sometimes try a small smile, a pout, a laugh, a scowl, or even a frown, to give some variety to your facial expressions.
  • Keep your chin up to avoid chin wrinkles or double chins.

Facial expression is one of the biggest influences to the mood of a photograph. The most subtle differences can make a model appear angry or happy.

Variety is extremely important, (the studio will look for variety as well as beauty!). Sporting the same facial in each shot can get very boring, and there are much smarter ways to carry a theme throughout a series of photos.

Mix it up a little. Being over the top can produce rich results, but can also lead to fake-looking photos. Subtle differences bring out the individuality in each face, so exploit them! Show the camera why your face is unique and special.

Listen to what the photographer tells you. He can see you through the camera. You can't.

Make sure you are committed; modelling is a very hard industry to get into.


  1. Good to know as I will be coming to have a photoshoot soon!

  2. Great tips will definitely be using them!

  3. Hi guys!
    I just wanted to say a BIG thank you to the Candi Team and to all the Mint Brown staff as well!
    I went to the studio on Friday last week and that was wicked! The girl who did my makeup was very nice and we had a good laugh together. My photographer was so cool and sexy (I'm not sure I should say that he might have a very jealous girlfriend 8-S).
    Then I saw my pictures, oh my God guys you know your job! I had never looked that good on picture and that says something because I went to another studio before (I'm not gonna say the name though that would be mean to them). They were nice people but let's be honest the pictures were rubbish!
    At Mint Brown my pictures were amazing! A really nice guy helped me choose the best shots for my portfolio. That guy knew what he was talking about I'm telling you!
    Basically I had a great day. You guys are amazing! I've sent my portfolio to a couple of modeling agencies this weekend and I've got an email from one of them already. I'll apply to a couple more agencies tonight and we'll see how it goes. Fingers crossed!

    Ok I have to go back to work now, my boss is looking at me and he doesn't look too happy 8-S

    THANK YOU AGAIN and I promise I'll keep in touch!

    Love xx

  4. Wicked day in the studio!! I have bought my portfolio and have some castings lined up already for the next 2 weeks.. they loved my photos too, said they were very professional. Anyone who wants to be a model should go to the studio, you wont regret it :) Bye for now xxx

  5. Sandra and Superlizard we're glad to hear that!

  6. Thank you for such a great day last weekend. I enjoyed myself so much, was probably the best day of my life! I felt so relaxed and really welcome. thank you again to Mint Brown Studios aswell! See you soon; Buzzing for March!:) xxxxxx

  7. The consultation at candimodels showed me that catalogue modelling was the best type of modelling to suit me and there experts were on hand to fully explain the different looks of styles provided.

  8. Thank you soooo much for the advice! I really appreciate it! I have a test shoot next week and this has really given me more confidence. I'm really looking forward to it. xoxo

  9. I had soo much fun at the Studio last week! Thank you to Candi Models for selecting me and to Mint Brown Studios for my amazing portfolio. It was definitely worth the trip down to London. xx

  10. I have been to mint brown studio's, it was a lush experience. Only because i did not have a portfolio which was necessary for the modeling agency. I have now got myself a modeling contract. woooooooohooooooooooooo

    Thank you candi models and mint brown, i love you.

  11. My studio time at Mint Brown was ammmazing! I had soo much fun and didnt expect to be picked by Candi Models. I came down with my mum and she loved my portfolio pictures. Im glad i got it done and very excited with my agencies!

  12. Hold in your stomach to give a more toned appearance to the abdomen (even if you are in great shape).....How do you do that without holding your breath which will show on images any advice anyone???

  13. well try to hold in your stomach and breathe at the same time

  14. hey i managed to get myself a contract for the new year, i start working soon, i really cant wait.


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