Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Photo 3 Solutions Ltd in Kent SCAM?

Candi Models have decided to put an update to that post as we see that Photo 3 Solutions are very concerned about our company, they even pay more attention to damage us that to praise themselves, apparently they have nothing to offer but slander other companies. We hope you won't make up your minds based on one malicious person.

So who are these people out to tarnish and damage our hard built reputation? Well the primary culprit is a company called Photo3.co.uk. Photo3 Photography Solutions Ltd, which will shortly be landed with a £1m slander and defamation of character lawsuit, has posted defamatory comments about various studios online where it alludes to them being a scam.
Photo 3 Solutions are UK Kent Wedding Photographers and Andrew James is not a fashion photographer. He is simply a wedding photographer whose alleged 'fashion photography' amounts to little more than shooting topless girls. 
He is simply a vindictive, jealous and malicious party out to damage other studios.

He has done this merely in an attempt to steal clients from genuine organisations for his own profit.

Photo 3 Solutions work is very poor standard, make your own mind up by looking at the quality of their website.
All they do is slander other professional photographers for their own personal gain. In the last two years they were trying to slander the reputable photographic studios.

Photo 3 Solutions has been reported to an Agency Inspector at the BERR.

We have not been able to get the slanderous blog post withdrawn, this is mainly because we have no choice but to wait for  the legal procedure to take its natural course.

We hope everybody will keep in mind who is writing the bad comments about us and make his own mind based on your own experience what kind of company we really are.

Photo 3 Solutions Ltd
10 Broadview Avenue
ME8 9DB Kent


  1. I went to photoshoot to Candimodels studio with my daughter and the experience was really good. The photographers were real professionals, knew how to cooperate with my daughter and the photos were really good. Although I'm not feeling comfortable with all the dressing up and make ups, my daughter seemed to love it...

  2. I recently attended a photoshoot @ Candi Models with my son Oscar and we had a fantastic day. As I am a former model myself I was really intrigued to see how the day would go. The staff were really friendly and willing to answer any questions I had and it really was the professional environment that was portrayed to me over the phone.
    Oscars pictures came out just as i thought they would and we built a beautiful portfolio for him which we are both really pleased with.

  3. i read the degrading blog about Candi Models which i refused to absorb. I proceeded in attending my appointment which i have no regret as i thoroughly enjoyed the experience and fully understood the terms and conditions.

  4. My daughter was recently invited to attend a test shoot with Candi Models, i was quite dubious at first as i've heard a lot of negative feedback regards to this industry, however, i must say I was pleasantly surprised with the overall day and the picture prices were just as flexible as the lady over the phone described.

  5. My daughter had been invited to attend a photo shoot and I was quite apprehensive as I had heard bad stuff about modeling agency but I have had feedback and in my heart I think it's right.


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