Thursday, 24 November 2011

Animated Photography

Today we would like to present you something we find very interesting. 
New York Fashion Photographer Jamie Beck in collaboration with web designer Kevin Burg have presented recently an amazing gallery. 
They made an exhibition of photos which at first sight look just like professional photography shots. However when you look closer there is something about the photos, you just can't stop looking at them. They are animated 'GIFS'. 
The inventors called them 'cinemagraphs'. 
Basically they separated some parts of the pictures and made them move by putting into GIF file few pictures in sequence. It looks amazing. Because only one selected part of the picture is moving you still get the feeling of this being a photo as all the other things stand still. 
It looks like the photography reached another dimension. 
Of course you won't be able to print it and have this effect on paper but nowadays it's not a problem at all, with all the flat digital screens we simply replace paper with 'digital sheets'. their gallery got lots of reviews and all the Internet is talking about this phenomena. 
People love the concept. 
Does it mean that some other artists will continue to apply this technique?And soon the concept will be something we will be expecting from modern photography? 
Is it a new chapter of photography?

For more 'cinemagraphs' go to


  1. Thanks for your tips, i follow them and wait for the results!

  2. technology is really progressing I think the animation is amazing!

  3. the cinematography is extremely impressive!

  4. I'm such a huge fan - all your tips and information are a massive help to me. i love this whole animated photography.

    PS. Merry Xmas - love the website x


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