Wednesday, 23 November 2011

What's Victoria's Secret?

Recently we could enjoy this year Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.
But it is not an usual fashion show - the best singers perform while the models present the costumes, everybody wants to find out what were this year costumes and arrangements and who got the chance to be victoria's secret angel. It is a spectacular performance.
As always the costumes were magnificent and models looked stunning.
All fashion world every year is waiting for this event and every model would like to be a part of this show. But being engaged to present the costumes is not enough. The models have to prepare properly for the show. Before each show the models don't eat food for 9 days, they drink only high protein cocktails. On twelve hours before the show they stop drinking even water. In addition they exercise twice a day. And it is not some easy exercise. They lift the dumbbells, they are boxing and they do the skipping rope. So it is a very hard work with lots of sacrifice. But at the end of the day they all say it is worth it. Adriana Lima said that after appearing on the Victoria's Secret show the models keep on receiving amazing work opportunities.  
Everybody wants to hire Victoria's Secret Angels. 
The show is like a fairy tale - the models are beautiful, the costumes are magical.

Lucky us, Victoria's Secret is planning to open a 16,500 square foot store on the capital's New Bond Street in 2012.
Fairly soon women across the country could be dressing like this ;)

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  1. I hope Victoria Secret models look as good as the models in the images! They look amazing and funky.


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