Friday, 16 December 2011

Ideal Woman Through the Decades

 Nowadays Marylin Monroe had to be on a drastic diet and if Angeline Jolie moved to the 50s she would directly must have gone to ER with the symptoms of starvation. The features which are to determine who is an icon of a beaty are changing every decade.
Let's have a look how the cannon of female beauty has changed during the decades.
Norma Jean was 166 cm high and had big hips and massive thighs. In 50s she was a sex symbol and even the image of perfect woman has been changed she still remains it!
Let's go to the 60s. Below you can see the top model of these times – Miss Twiggy. She dethroned Marylin Monroe. Her biggest attitudes were big eyes and narrow features of her face. She has been chosen a face of a year 1966 by magazine “Daily Express”. Some were admiring her petite figure, some were accusing her of promoting anorexia. She was not only a model – she became an actress and a singer as well. (from 2005 she is a member of jury in “America's Next Top Model”)
Jade Fonda became famous thanks to playing in Barbarella movie as a main character. She was sexy and tough. In the 70s she was on all the posters and millions of men admired her. She was the ideal body of the 70s. She has admitted she had some cosmetic surgeries done.
There was a little helper in setting a cannon of beauty in the 80s. It was a Barbie doll. The body size of the doll is impossible to reach by a normal woman yet thousands of women are trying to do everything to look like one. Barbie has been propagating an image of a blond in pink clothes. The celebrity who was trying to be like her the most was for example Britney Spears.
Let's move to the 90s. Here among thin, tall, symmetrical models we find Kate Moss. She's been an icon from the 90s and still is. She's thin, bandy-legged and has original teeth. Despite all these, she's an icon of a beauty and lots of women would like to look like her. She's been described as a normal girl with a twist. Maybe it's her personality that matters?
We have to mention another icon of the 90s and the beginning of 21st century – Angelina Jolie.
She's charismatic and mysterious but also pale and thin, Rubens wouldn't pay attention at all... But millions of women dream to be her.
Who do you think will be next dream girl of the decade? As you see there are no rules when it comes to be beautiful, even if you don't look like Angelina, it doesn't mean that you can't be a cannon of the beauty. If you want to make a try register with candi models and come for a photoshoot!


  1. Kelly brooke , !! Curves r now bak !

  2. Marylin Monroe did not have 'massive' thighs. Her measurements were 36'24'36. Wouldn't that make her a size 10 today? So is that huge!


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