Thursday, 22 December 2011

Meet Candi Models Team: J Watson - A Photographer

Today one of our excellent photographers has prepared a message for you.
Unfortunetaly he was too shy to pose for a picture, he said he prefered to be at the other side of the camera...
If you want to meet him, you will have to come for a test photoshoot to work with him and his camera here at Candi Models:)

Hi Guys,

My name is J Watson. I am a studio photographer at Mint Brown Studios.
So far I have had such a great experience working with the UK Candi Models.
Some of the models have been really amazing and this only gives a photographer like myself the inspiration to produce some fantastic work.


  1. Hi my test shoot was on friday last week and I am in love with the photos from my test shoot. I really felt comfortable from knowing that I had such an amazing photographer and my confidence is reflected in my photos. thanks candi.

  2. that webfolio thing is so cool

  3. I've never been beautiful but people always tell me i have the figure and height of a model. When I was selected for a test shoot i was amazed and even wondered why. Its really built up my confidence and I now understand it's more about how photogenic you are rather than how pretty you are. Im still very shy but i've come along way!


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