Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Meet Candi Models Team: Aleysha - Our Fabulous Make Up Artist

Hello Everybody

Today we start our new series "Meet Candi Models Team" where we present who our team is so you can get to know us a bit better. 

The first person we would like to introduce you is Aleysha - our make up artist. 
She wrote some words about herself especially for you guys!

Hi I'm Aleysha
I'm make up artist at Candi Models.
I absolutely love my job and I'm super passionate about hairstyling and make up.
I love creating the perfect look for my clients to shine in their photoshoot - from beautiful natural looks, to sultry and glam editorial looks. I love having a chat with my clients and making them feel comfortable so they are at ease for their shoot. It's a really great feeling when they tell me how amazing their shoot went and how fab the pics were!

Please check out my website at

Look forward to seeing you:)


  1. Aleysha your work is truly amazing my daughter looked stunning on the day of her shoot. It forced me to recognize her as a woman not my little girl. I didn't get the name of the photographer but a great team.

  2. Hi I have recently had my test shoot with candimodels and I was most impressed with the makeup artist aleysha. She gave me a variety of looks and several tips on how to maintain my looks. thanks

  3. I came with my daughter for a test shoot an she has the biggest pimple the day before but Aleysha was amazing, her face was flawless


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