Friday, 2 December 2011

Types Of Modelling: Commercial Modelling

Commercial modelling is a very big part of modelling but with fewer restrictions to size and height than fashion modelling. It is known also as character modelling.
Models working in commercial modelling can earn some money as they are selling their image to some products and this part of market usually has a lot of money.
The models are presenting and promoting products or services. Depending on the product the model should represent a target group but should be a bit more ideal, for example if the product is targeted to mothers or teenagers the model should look like an average mother/teenager but should have something interesting in the look. 

Commercial modelling usually is being displayed on product packagings, brochures, leaflets, billboards, posters and also is for TV commercials.

There is no specific height for a commercial model, it will depend on what the client wants and what the model can offer. For example if a client wants a head shot of a model smiling, for a tooth paste ad, they are not going to pay much attention to models shape or height. They would want an attractive, healthy looking face with a great set of pearly teeth. Usually the way you smile is quite important as most often models advertising different products are smiling. It doesn't mean there wouldn't be someone needing a sad or angry face in the commercial. For working in commercial modelling it's good to know how to present yourself, to know a bit of acting and be able to make different face expressions. The producers also pay attention to personality of the model because it reflects on the photos (especially if you have to look angry or disappointed on the picture). The model needs to be flexible when it comes to the look.

If you are not sure if you are appropriate for this type of modelling, sign up for a test shoot with Candi Models and try out how your face expressions look in front of professional photographers.


  1. Someone told me I have ears....I wonder what I could advertise with them...;)

  2. I mean beautiful ears not just ears...:))

  3. Had an amazing day all stuff was professional and very helpful.

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  5. I always thought because I'm short I couldn't become a model I wish I'd done my research before. Thanks Candi very informative reading your blog.

  6. I just got my first commercial job thanks to you Candi models - thank you so much for all the support - its actually happening now : )


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