Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Modelling Portfolio And A Webfolio

Whether you are a freelance model or signed up with an agency, you need a modeling portfolio to bring to the modeling auditions. It should include a variety of photographs - headshots, full-body shots, fashion and swimsuit photos - that will show your appearance and marketability. It's also very important to include a natural look photos so the agent will see the real you as well. It would be good if you wouldn't smile on all the photos but show also different expressions on your face to prove your flexibility.
Your modeling portfolio must look professional. Remember that the people in the modeling industry - photographers, graphic designers, casting directors, fashion editors, and fashion designers – are all very visually oriented.
Another thing worth mentioning is an online portfolio (a webfolio)
An online portfolio is a web page containing a model's information. It will include your headshots or full body photos, personal statistics (as age, height, shoe size etc), contact information, and when registered with an agency – the name of it. Many casting directors now go online to search for potential talent. If they like your online profile, you will be called in for the audition.

Follow the tips below to help make your modeling shoot a success.
  1. Punctuality is always important at every photo shoot.
  2. If you are not taking anyone with you to the photo shoot, let someone know where you are.
  3. Bring several outfits to showcase your many fashion styles.
  4. Take your own make-up to the photo shoot, even if there will be a make-up artist.
  5. Don't feel pressured to do anything that you do not feel comfortable with at a photo shoot.
  6. Make sure you are well-rested, especially if a lot of travel is involved. You need to look and feel rested and fresh.
  7. Always present yourself in a very professional manner whether it be your first or 100th photo shoot. Photographers are often well-connected in the modeling industry and reputation is important.
  8. Keep your modeling portfolio updated with the latest fashion and clothing trends. One image isn’t going to make you modeling career.
  9. Communicate with the photographer as much as possible. He/she should know all your expectations, suggestions, and ideas.
  10. After the photo shoot, get input on which photos are best. Not just from the photographer, but also from friends, family, your agent, and any other industry professional.

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  1. Great Advice. Webfolios are the future!

  2. hi i have my appointment next week, just a quick question; can i bring my own make up as i am allergic to certain cosmetic products??

    1. Jenny you can bring your cosmetics and consult with our makeup artists

  3. This is really good info to have as i really wish to get into modeling, thanks for posting this :) ! x

  4. Hi candimodels I have recently had my portfolio shoot and I am about to decide on the best images to include in the web portfolio.

    Can you give me any advise on this matter?

    1. Malgorzata please send the names of the photos you think are the best to be put on webfolio and we will review them and advise you on that

  5. The advice & tips you give are useful but would you mind going into more detail! Thank you

  6. I really want to become a model and find this to be great advice, looking forward to my photo shoot

  7. I am coming in for a modeling day with your company, what outfits would be best i am looking at the fashion industry?

    1. bring various outfits, one casual, sth glamourous (nice dress) and something original - a hat or coat...and enjoy yourself during your day!


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