Tuesday, 3 January 2012

The Photoshoot Day

Welcome Everybody in 2012!

We hope this year will bring all of you lots of success and joy in your lives!

If you're considering to register with Candi Models and attend a test photo shoot we've decided to tell you some more in here about the day itself.

First of all check the time of your appointment and make sure you know where we are located.

Pack with you some outfits - the ones you think suit you the best. It would be good if they were somehow original so someone looking at your picture will remember  the photo because of your original look (and also because you look good of course!) It can be a hat, fur or interesting dress or anything you think would be appropriate. Bring something casual tas well o show your natural sight but also something glamorous to show that you are able to fit into different looks.

Once you arrive to our Studios you will be introduced to one of our makeup artists who will explain you what to do. 
You will be also given a consultation form where you could write what are your expectations of the day, which features you wish to hide and which to expose more. You will consult it with our photographer. 

Remember, don't afraid to ask them anything, there are no stupid questions! 

The makeup artist will start with a natural look because that will be your first shoot.
You will be given a makeup and a hairstyling as well. You can bring your own makeup if you wish and consult on it with the makeup artist but you don't have to - they have all is needed to create different looks.

Depending of how many different outfits you've brought you will have different looks (clothes, makeup, hairstyle). After that, our specialist will have a look at your photos and ask you to the room to consult the photo shoot. It's good to come with someone so you can ask for advice and have a look at your photos together. The photos may be used as your modelling portfolio if you wish to have one.

We work with very professional stuff who've been working on different fashion venues and shows so you can be sure you will be in the best hands!

Looking forward seeing how your photoshoot goes!


  1. I wish I have read it before coming to the shoot, I wouldn't be so stressed as I was!

  2. The photoshoot was a fantastic experience as I was able to get lots of confidence from having a variation of outfits to chose from and it was great knowing that I looked my best after having my hair and makeup done. photographers were really great

  3. On the 30th December i accompanied my daughter down for a photo shoot, I was quite dubious as to what was going to happen on the day as I did my research and came across a review which was not good at all, I then further rung up to speak with a Candi Models representative and queried what I had read, they obviously denied the bad press written about them. To my surprise the day was really comforting as my daughter had a fantastic experience with them and was not pressured into purchasing the images as stated in the review i read and on top of that we got a great deal. *8/10*

  4. I am really looking forward to my photo shoot and have received great advice

  5. The make-up artist is really amazing. Got a lot of really useful tips from her as well.

  6. Hi, I want to make an application as a model but i'm not to sure how to go about it, can anyone help??

    1. Kim check out our website www.candimodels.co.uk when you'll find registration form. Just need to put your details and upload your photo and if you're successful someone from pour office will contact you!

  7. I very much enjoyed my test shoot day, here is my personal account of the day :)
    I hope you like!

    1. We've read your blog post about your photoshoot day. We're glad you liked it!


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