Monday, 9 January 2012

Frequently Asked Questions - What Are Your Worries And Concerns

Hi Guys

After talking to our consultants who answer your calls we have decided to create a post about questions that bother you the most – this way maybe we will clear up some things for you.

Why do I need a portfolio?

Lots of you ask us why do you need a portfolio. A set of professional photos showing different aspects of your face and body is like a resume which you need to apply for a job. Having a portfolio you can send it not only to apply for model agencies but also to any other modelling job that different companies and venues are posting about. You can easily find on web ads for models where they require you to send your images. If you wish to be a model and do not have good photos, having a portfolio is a good point to start.

Why do I have to give deposit?

When inviting you to attend a test photo shoot we ask you for a deposit. We need it to make sure you will attend the photo shoot day as we will book a make up artists and photographers for you. If you come and you are not happy with the photo shoot you will get the deposit back. So you really don't have to worry about that. We just need it to do the bookings of our staff.

Why I cannot attend the test photo shoot by myself?

Some of you would like to attend the photo shoot by yourself and we advise not to. It is better to come with someone so you can get some advice, watch the photos together and make the decisions together. Sometimes you can see yourself slightly different than other people and having someone with you helps you to be sure about your look.

How much will I be paid for modelling?

This is the question everyone would like to know at the beginning of their career.
Unfortunately we do not know the answer for that. We will help you to get in touch with modelling agencies and on our page we post some job offers you can apply to. We also give you tips and advice how to look for modelling job. We hope that providing you with the best portfolio and webfolio will help you get into modelling. At least you have something to start with. You can apply for various kinds of modelling jobs with the portfolio we have prepared for you.


  1. I was hesitant about giving my details over the phone but I just want to say that I got am email straight away and a receipt was posted to me. When I got there I didn't pass the test shoot as I had the flu and the team didn't think that my images were strong enough and I got a refund back straight away. I've booked in again, so hopefully I pass this time!

  2. Thanks guys! I've got my portfolio now and i am currently sending it to the agencies instructed to! Thanks Candi Models for putting up with me I know I was a diva on the day lol xxxx

  3. Hi Im due in for a test shoot and i'm really worried about choosing the right thing wear could you please advise me.

  4. i felt uncomfortable before in regards to booking in but this post has reassured me and i feel satisfied to attend and complete a session.

  5. I gave my deposit over the phone, the day i choose became a problem so i rang to move it to another time and date, the lady i spoke to was very helpful,and moved the day for me, i was successful on the day and got through, they gave me a list of agency's, and i am now getting paid to model clothes for a catalogue Thanks Guys

  6. The candimodels portfolio shoot is a chance for prospect models who have passed the selection process online to attend a day in the life of a model and hence prove themselves that they can model. This is a free test shoot covered by candimodels and successful applicants get the chance to purchase a bespoke portfolio and take home a comprehensive list of the top agencies.

  7. A great experience!!! Well worth coming in.

  8. i had a great experience. was professional, recieved email within the hour. make up artist and photographer very friendly and helpful

  9. I'm so glad that I listened to my gut instinct and invested my money into a decent portfolio, i've made my money back and some!! whoo hoo

  10. I was kinda unsure about this whole process as I am 5ft 7 and a size 14, im really pleased that i can still be a model even tho im a plus size. im doing mainly face modeling but also for plus size catalogues!! thanks a bunch.

  11. How Much Are Portfolio's and The Deposit?

    1. The deposit is 50 pounds and it is refundable, the portfolio depends on the number of photos you want


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