Monday, 23 January 2012

Make Up Emergency Quick Fixes

It could happen to anyone at any time. You never know so in case it happens to you be prepared and know what to do!

Lipstick On Teeth

The old trick of popping your finger in your mouth and pulling it out as you make an ‘o’ shape with your lips is a foolproof way to ensure that any excess lipstick wont transfer onto your teeth. Blotting your lipstick with a tissue also helps.

Skin Blemishes And Pimples

Just don’t pop them. Squeezing only irritates skin, making it redder and more swollen. Use an ice cube if a surprise pimple appears. Pimples sometimes surface at the worst possible moments. Nip a zit in the bud by applying an ice cube to the inflamed area for a couple minutes. The cold should help curb the swelling and calm inflammation. If you’re lucky enough to have some Visine eye drops with you, apply a drop to the pimple to help eliminate redness.

Puffy Eyes

Lie down and place cold cotton balls over closed eyes for 10 minute. This will drain accumulated fluids and reduce swelling. You can also use cucumber slices by placing them on closed eyes for about 10 minute. Another idea is leaving cold tea bags in the refrigerator till they are cold then using them as a compress.

Smudged Eye Liner Or Mascara

You accidentally rub your eyes with your fingers or either you yawned and your eyes got all teary causing your eye liner to smudge, if you dont fix this you would look like you have raccoon eyes btw this is does not look fashionable at all, Smokey eyes are hot but raccoon eyes are not. Don't try to wash it straigh away. Wait few minutes till it dries and will be easier to remove. What you can do is take a makeup wipe and gently remove the fallen eyeliner. You must secure some inside your bag so that encase if this incident happens again your ready to fix it.


  1. Drinking copious tons of water helps as well. Elle Mcpherson swears by it, she usually jokes that she drinks enough water to sink a ship!

  2. great tips guys! I always get a build up of gunky black stuff in my tear ducs, Cotton buds is always a good way to get rid :)

  3. Before applying any makeup to your skin, you should know your skin type and the type of makeup your using.

    Some makeup brands will have compounds which will not suit specific skin types, complexions or colour.

    The perfect makeup should always compliment your complexion and not cause any reactions to your skin.

  4. great tips, thanks Candi Models. I will definitely be using ice cubes on my pimples :)

  5. i appreciate the tips!

  6. Thanks for the tips, very helpful!!

  7. Christine Swallow24 January 2012 at 08:19

    Wow, icecubes....i would never have guessed. Once i have finished uni and get home i will be trying this remedy! thanks guys! <3

  8. Thank you found this very helpful

  9. i love make up because it makes me look pretty and the way i have my hair styled makes me feel cool


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