Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Model Personality

Today we would like to discuss what kind of personality should a model have. Sometimes your looks might not be as important as your ability of dealing with people and getting into different kind of jobs. And if you think you may not be that kind of person it would be the high time to try changing your habits and becoming one!

Model should:
  • Love being in front of the camera and an audience
  • Be able to perform on demand
  • Be committed to and serious about modelling
  • Be hard-working – a modelling career isn't just going to fall into your lap
  • Be professional and pleasant to work with
  • Be patient and resilient
  • Be intelligent with the ability to learn quickly
  • Be versatile, willing to learn and able to take directions
  • Have good self-esteem
  • Be able to take rejection and constructive criticism
  • Be extremely determined. A model may need to go to many castings before being offered a job
  • Be able to attend lots of castings, sometimes without much notice
  • Have great organisational skills to keep track of schedules and finances
  • Be able to sell themselves and sell the product
  • Have a passion for fashion
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle, eat the right food and get at least eight hours of sleep a night
  • Work out to maintain a healthy body weight and fitness level. This will also reduce stress
  • Have a good skincare regime. Skin-brushing from head to toe will help to increase your circulation and give you an all-over glow you think you've got what it takes to be a model?


    1. modelling isnt always about looks, sometimes you need to have something about you like a winning smile and a swing of the hips

    2. Thanks for all the great tips Candi. Being a model isn't always glamorous but if you work hard a persaveer then all your hard work will pay off!!!

    3. only after I started modelling myself did I realise how much work modelling was and the beind the scenes. Some times I have to wait 1 hour or more for a casting that last only 5 mins and I dont even get the job. When I do however the pay is GREAT! and I get to brag to my friends, what a confidence booster!!

    4. Being professional and polite is very important in the industry but a lot of people seem to forget that its not always about the way you look but also how you interact with others and present yourself.

    5. from my experience, agencies are more likely to want to work with nice, down to earth people rather than drama queens! So no tantrums girlies :)

    6. Finding all this information very useful and am looking forward to my test shoot.

    7. thanks for all the bullet points - i will definitely take this on board....many thanks

    8. i will try work on my patience cause i now gather the staff have allot to do

    9. I agree modeling should not just be about how you look. Confidence is also important as it shows through in your images.



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