Monday, 30 January 2012

Petite Models

Petite modelling is now commonplace in the modelling industry. There are many petite models, both men and women models.

It's a market that many high street fashion stores have developed by producing petite clothing ranges and smaller size shoes designed specifically for their shorter and smaller customers. Petite models are always needed to advertise these petite clothes in adverts and catalogues.

If you are one of the petites have a look at below websites and apply!

Petite Model Competition with Poetic Trend

Petite Model Search For Bella Petite Agency

In the fashion industry, a petite model is usually shorter than 5 feet 7 inches which does not meet the criteria of fashion or runway model, but there is plenty other types of modeling.

There are designers and stores that focus on petite models and clothes. Starting out as a petite model may force one to work free for a while. Looking for a petite modeling agency will be hard because they are not called Petite Modeling Agencies (if they are, be cautious). They are usually called Commercial and Print Agencies. They are not fashion agencies. If you are a petite model, keep in mind that newspapers, grocery stores, colleges, and magazines need models.

Compared to the plus-sizes industry, promotion of petite sizes in magazines and the fashion world is less prominent, even though many well-known celebrities are short. 
These include Mary Kate Olsen who is 5'0" (152 cm), Rachel Bilson who is 5'1.5" (156 cm), Hayden Panettiere who is 5'0.25" (153 cm), Nicole Richie who is 5'1" (155 cm), Kristen Bell who is 5'1" (155 cm), Shakira who is 5'2" (155 cm), Eva Longoria who is about 5'2" (153 cm), Fergie, who is 5'1.75" (157 cm) and Alyssa Milano, who is about 5'1.5" (156 cm). 


  1. WOW!! thanks Candi for all the useful info - i am 5'5 and thought there was now ay i could ever get into modeling - now i know there are a lot more options out there : )

  2. There are a lot of challenges that petite models face in the industry, and it proves .... I would like to contribute by being a positive role model for petite young girls.

  3. I just applied to both using my portfolio from Candi Models! fingers crossed I get in!

  4. I'm completely blown away by all this, i have always wanted to be a model but thought l had no chance because of my height. Thanks Candi

  5. Very useful i now no my height won't affect me.
    Thank you so much your blogs are a major help.

  6. As the famous saying goes,"good things come in small packages", modelling offers variety with many petit models in catalogues, beauty, commercial and even promotions. In general high fashion catwalk has been the only type of modelling in which height is a major factor.

    Petit models are now also breaking into the high fashion scene provided they make up lack of height with natural beauty.


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