Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Travelling Tips For Models

One of the perks of modelling is the chance to travel all over the world or at least all over the country. This is something you should be prepared for. There are some advantages and disadvantages of this kind of work. It might be tiring to move between so many places at such a short periods of time but you would have a change to meet a lot of different people, can contacts from all over the world and have an adventure of your life. 

Before living this experience you should stay focused on preparation for yout trip. As once you leave your home you should have everything neccessary with you.
  • Travel arrangements will differ from agency to agency so make sure to find out what you will be responsible for in preparation for travelling
  • Carry as much information as possible as, such as the address of where you will be staying and the details of who you will be working for as Immigration Control will request this information when you arrive

Model travel tips:
  • Ensure your passport is always current. Most countries will not allow you entry if your passport is within 6 months of the expiry date
  • Keep hydrated and get enough rest on the plane to arrive looking and feeling good
  • Get the contact details of the agency in the country you are visiting in case there are any problems
  • Carry a detailed street map of the town you are working in and familiarise yourself with transport links in the city. You will have to find your way from casting to casting or to shows so plan how you are going to get there ahead of time, it is very unprofessional to be late on your appointments
  • Carry a form of ID on you, but leave your passport in a safe place
  • Visit The Foreign and Commonwealth Office website for detailed travel and visa advice to the country you are planning to visit


  1. I'm starting a career in modelling now and find your information very useful, used the portfolio i got done through you and have a few jobs lined up so am looking forward to getting my first job abroad!

  2. Can someone help me, I have heard when you take child abroad you need special licenses, is that true? I have been following your blog lately and the info is getting really good, particularly with the model searches. Do you have any searches for kids?

  3. Great tips! Thanks

  4. i hate to travel far but i am going to get the mega train to london its so cheap

  5. i hate to travel far but i am going to get the mega train to london its so cheap

  6. thank you for all your useful tips - i am currently planning my first trip abroad and have taken all of the above into consideration!! thanks candi models

  7. Great information again i was worried about all the traveling, however i've read most of your posts and feel it will be worth it.
    Thanks again

  8. thankyou for all your information, can be a problem travelling but everything can be solved. your really cool

  9. When traveling for any modelling jobs, you should always have a selection of outfits, clean hair free of products and if you have your portfolio on you if you already have one.

    At some jobs you may receive some goody bags but every agency differs.

  10. Love those travel tips. Very helpful. Keep on sharing nice article.


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