Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Become A Male Model

In the world of highly competitive and female-dominated professional modelling, the attitude toward male modelling is changing. Although male models are still facing criticism and bias from their professional peers, society's typical mindset is changing.

Being successful requires more than simply seeing see a guy in an ad who looks similar to you - and think "I can do that, too." It might have been a long road for that guy and he may have needed the right non-conservative attitude to land that modelling job. 

The good news is that you can beat your competition by outworking them and by making good decisions. Good career networking and smart marketing tactics are more effective than looks: A decent looking guy who markets himself well can go farther than a guy who is much better looking. You can beat your competition by adopting a marketing approach.

Put yourself in the shoes of someone who hires guys for modelling jobs, then give them what they want. This is called "positioning" yourself to be chosen. If you do so, you will become a lot more successful than other guys. Think of what make you different and unique and why the photographer should choose you.

Remember that attitude and personality counts a lot. Whenever seeking to try out for an audition, include a short note that describes what makes you unique: are you an athlete? Have you won any competition? What are you latest achievements? Do you have any special talent? Can you dance? Sing? Act? Make sure you describe yourself honestly but don't forget to highlight your qualities.

Have a look a this competition for male models with Shortlist magazine

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Male Model Scene is a portal dedicated for male models:

Male Model Scene

For photographic modeling you will need to have strong features and will have to prove that you are photogenic and can act for the camera. For ramp work, you will also be trained, but you should be over 6 foot tall to succeed in this arena. There is a large popularity for mature male models and even if you are graying a bit you can easily become a model.

Most male models are chosen for their sex appeal and good looks on camera, but a good stage presence is also required for doing any kind of fashion catwalk shows, where you will be taught about how to walk, how to hold yourself, posing and more.

Being a male model does not mean that you have no complications when it comes to nudity and being taken advantage of by photographers. Male models are also entitled to refuse topless or nude shots and must be just as careful as the women about getting caught in a compromising position where you can be exploited.

Men can usually start modeling at the age of 16 or 17 and it will all depend on their build and structure at that time. If they look older than they are or have strong looking bodies, then it helps when they apply at an agency. This is not to say that younger guys cannot join, but if you are in the younger age bracket you will get modeling jobs that reflect that age for clothing stores and other photographic ads.

You will rarely be given ramp work at a young age unless it is for a teenager clothing brand or designer.

If you decide that male modeling is the industry for you, there are plenty of opportunities for males to get involved. The first thing you should do is find a good agent who will get you a lot of jobs and build your modeling portfolio

At the end we would like to show you the top male models:

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  1. Male Models have always been big business, they are so much more females models fighting for modeling work compared to males. Same rules apply, be passionate, work hard, network hard, keep fit n healthy and keep educating yourself.

  2. Information is really useful. I really want to get into modeling but i am worried i am to short as i am only 5"7.

  3. thanks for the info - ill be putting this to really good use!!

  4. thanks, i want to be a male model because its cool to be a model

  5. very useful information, my son has just turned 16 and really wants to get into modeling. We will certainly start looking at getting him an agent as he looks really big for his age, has an athletic body and loves having his picture taken. Thanks Candi

  6. wow never knew it could be so easy to be a male model, i might need to change gender's lol

  7. If you think you have what it takes to become a model, it's quite possible you do.
    But before you opt to jump into such a career, you must first learn about the modeling business.

  8. My boyfriend is male model - he is loaded!!!

  9. With many fashion retailers now aiming at the male fashion market, there has never been a greater time to get into male modelling. The extent of top male fashion mags such as GQ and Esquire show the demand for both catalogue and commercial male modelling.


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