Thursday, 23 February 2012

Types Of Modelling: Body Parts Modelling

Many beginner models tend to believe that they don't have anything of value to offer the industry. They are not tall enough. They are not quite pretty enough. This is where body part modeling can help if he or she has an especially outstanding portion to model. Although this may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a career in modeling, body part modeling can actually lead to a lucrative career.

Many products benefit from using body part modeling doubles for model jobs and not just for beauty products. Once you get started in this career, you'll be surprised as the uses for these types of models. Body part modeling is not limited to the hands either and the competition is not as fierce. Feet, legs and lips are also in high demand so you should take full advantage of the assets you have.

Hand models — hands should have flawless, smooth skin with evenly shaped nails. The shape of the hands is important. Men’s hands should not be too hairy.

Leg models — legs should be smooth, long and shapely. Skin should be free of veins, scars, and blemishes.

Feet — should have smooth skin tone with evenly shaped toes and nails. Skin should be free of veins, corns, or other foot blemishes.

Torso — for men and women, even skin tone and a well-shaped body.
These are the main types of body-parts modelling; however there is also a market for ears, hair, bottoms, backs, necks, eyes and lips. 


Kimbra Hickey is a hand model, and her hands grace the cover of the novel Twilight. She earned $300 for the photo.

Even the actress Megan Fox needed a female model of this type when she did a Motorola commercial that was aired during the 2010 Super Bowl. You won't be recognizable when out on the street, but you can bring in a very nice income by doing so. Ask Pamela Moses who was the hand stand in for Megan Fox. Ms. Moses was the owner of the thumb seen in this ad.

Body Parts Modelling Agencies

Body Agency

Elliot Brown

Mentor Agency


The agencies accept usually professional photos. If you need help with prepapring your pressional modelling portfolio click here


  1. Yes the art shouldn't just be about the face, a lot of the other parts of the body are amazing artforms.

  2. quite interesting to know as this as i always get told i have lovely lips and teeth, will definately be looking into this more

  3. A parts model may seem a very strange profession to have, but many models make a lot of money just by modelling parts of their bodies that have a special quality.

  4. for all the girls with natural gorgeous hair like moiii we defo have a place to go now!

  5. i was shy to show my face, so this is impressive :)

  6. When decided to apply for body part modelling you should pay attention to specific compliments directed at specific body features.

    Hand, back, shoulder, and face modelling are just some for the body part modelling types


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