Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Models Of Colour: African Models

We've already mentioned a modelling competition called Top Model Of Colour however we would like to  write more about this part of modelling industry and give you some useful links and tips to follow as well.
By models of colour we mean models that are of African, Caribbean, Asian, Hispanic, Oriental, bi & multi racial ethnicity. 

In this post we would like to focus on  posibilities for African Models in the modelling industry within the UK.
Apart from applying to universal modelling agencies, there are some agencies which are specialized in hiring African Models only or Models of Colour. The African Models are getiing more and more popular to be hired for catwalks and fashion shows.
See below the agencies for non-white models.
However to apply to these agencies you will need professional photos to submit while creating your application. If you need help with prepapring your pressional modelling portfolio click here. 

Modelling Agency for African models

Agency for multi racial ethnicity models

Sola Oyebade, chief executive of Mahogany Model Management, has been running a Facebook, text and email campaign in an attempt to make the 'black'  issue the biggest-selling Vogue ever (the issue was published in 2008)  'We believe there's industry apartheid and this is something that the black community does feel very strongly about. I've had so many calls from people asking where they can get their hands on a copy. I've had shops like Harvey Nichols ring me up, telling me we're causing them a lot of problems with supply, so we've been liaising with them, too. Our fashion industry is institutionally racist. The explanation for why they don't use black models is always that we don't sell, but this shows that's not true. Black people are among the highest consumer spenders in the UK for material goods.' - she said.

We've already mentioned a Modelling Contest called Top Model Of Colour which is organized for African, Caribbean, Hispanic, Oriental, African, Asian & Dual heritage ethnicity.
Top Model of Colour competition is providing models with exposure to the modelling industry. Most of the candidates are from UK, Europe and Africa.
You can read more about it here
It might be useful to have a look at  Ebony magazine  as well as The Special Vogue Pages

African models at catwalk for spring 2012

More about Top African Models

Have a look at this article about Donyale Luna, The First Black Model To Cover Vogue UK
as well as African Models appearing in fashion magazines in Russia, UK and USA 


  1. With more fashion magazines now recruiting black models than ever before, black models are now in high demand. Recently vogue published an all black issue which was one of the fastest selling issues. We all want to see more black models breaking through as new talent.

  2. your blog rocks! always cover a new and unique title!

  3. Love this a lot!!!! i would love to be a model, am african but am a size 16. do you think there is a chance of getting paid work for me, i am black african? Thanks Candi Models

    1. It all depends on what is your attitude, you may not get into the catwalks but if you feel comfortable in front of the camera and are photogenic you might get into commercial modelling

  4. This is a great page and truly inspiring :)

  5. modelling is at its peak and i am loving it, all the new ranges and seasons coming into play

  6. Modelling is an art, and art is always Multi-Cultural, it's good to see people are more aware of it now

  7. am happy to hear that modelling is now getting more and more open to the african community also id like to say thanks to candi models for all the tips and info THUMBS UP!!!!!

  8. This is a perfect example of the industry changing for the best. Ethnic women can stand up, be proud and celebrate their talents just like everybody else. It's a massive breakthrough but we need to see more black women in the lime light.


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