Monday, 13 February 2012

Child Modelling Tips

Child modelling is quickly growing in popularity and profitability as another branch of the modelling industry.
Children can experience all kinds of work, and can be required to work all over the world. The requirements for a child or infant model are not as strict or defined as most other aspects of the industry.

Personality and attitude are very important in child modelling.

The temperament of the child model is the key to their success. It is essential that any child model be co-operative and good natured, and it is imperative that the child is easy to direct and quickly at ease around strangers and under the spotlight.
A shoot can last for hours so it can be difficult for children to remain attentive and interested.

Visit the website of the National Network for Children in Employment & Entertainment (NCEE) for more information on the employment of school-age children. If your child is offered work, she will need a performance licence from your local authority. A good children’s model agency should help you to organise this.

If you decide to give it a try, remember to:

  • Be a good timekeeper, reliable and prompt. You will need your own transport and be prepared to travel and to be flexible.

  • Take food and drink along to the shoot – it may not be provided and you may be there over a mealtime. It’s also a good idea to take along books and games to keep your child occupied.

  • Make sure your child has clean and tidy hair and nails, and a clean face when you take her to a shoot. A few changes of clothes are also a good idea.

  • Above all, enjoy it. If either you or your child stop having fun, don’t do it.
For the castings calls for kids you can register on Kids Casting Call Pro or Mandy.

If you think your kid is ready to work with an agency here are some child modelling agencies in the UK:

Bizzy Kidz


Truly Scrumptious

Tuesdays Child Agency

Elisabeth Smith Agency


  1. Amazing - Thank you so much for all the advice. My son has his first shoot next weekend so fingers crossed! : )

  2. thanks! so do we still need a portfolio then to approach these agencies?

  3. child modelling is cool, u have to build up your portfolio from a young age to give ou the best possible chance of joining an agency

  4. impressed with how my children were treated, i approve.

  5. i came in on the 7th of feb and i must say i had a fantastic time, myself and bobby, a must do experience for all

  6. Very useful information, a big thank you for the names of the agencies you have listed as i have been struggling to find agencies that only want child models. Thanks Candi Models.


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