Thursday, 9 February 2012

Online Model Profile

So you've got your first portfolio ready and what next? 

How to get into castings, jobs and agencies?

Where to start?

As we all know the Internet is the right answer for all of these questions and also the easiest way to show to the world your possibilities.
Creating a profile in social media and uploading your modelling photos is a good thing to do but it is not enough though.
First of all you should create your profile on the biggest modelling portals.
Model Mayhem would be the first one on the “to do” list. You should create a profile, upload your photos (they accept only professional images to be uploaded on the profile) and start to get connections through the website. You can contact photographers, makeup artists, there are many casting calls for various kinds of modelling jobs as well.
The truth is that you need to send your photos to people in order to get the job, they are not going to find you on their own (at least not at the beginning of your career).

StarNow is another website with a big number of job offers and casting calls. You even do not have to create a profile in order to apply for jobs.
There are many of websites like these.  You have nothing left but to have a look and start sending your portfolio! You can also try the ones listed below  (in order to apply for these jobs you have to create a modelling profile on their websites) 

When you have a look at the job offers you may notice that some of the jobs are not paid or expenses paid but as you have no or little experience it is still a good opportunity to apply for this job. You will get more experience, some photos and what is the most important – connections. If they like you they could recommend you to some other (maybe paid) jobs. Making friends and staying in touch with people you are working with is very important in this industry.  

So don't waste your time and start creating your modelling profile!


  1. Well said, Passion is a must unless the competition as well as the ups and downs will drain you

  2. i pushed my portfolio to those agency that was recommended fingers crossed i get a few good response.

  3. i need to update my portfolio, because its oldschool like happyshopper

  4. It's a collection of your modelling pictures. How many pictures you need varies. You should only keep strong pictures, you are only as good as your worst picture! Models should aim for quality not quantity! Avoid using 2 pictures of the same shoot (same look) Black and White is the favourite of the industry. 9 by 12 inches are the standard size. Your agency will require you to buy an 11 by 14 inches for their book (portfolio). A basic but versatile portfolio would have a casual head shot, styled head shot, body shot (conservative swimsuit or lingerie), a fashion shot (sexy), action shot, an editorial shot and even a catalogue shot.

  5. AN online model profile is also a web portfolio its the most accessible way of marketing yourself as a model since its fast and time consuming. An online web portfolio is also easy to update or replace any unwanted image. This portfolio format is surely the way forward for models looking for work in the industry

  6. The best advise I can give to anyone thinking of becoming a model MUST be proactive and positive to succeed!!!!


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